Gait Training An Evidence Based Course Combining Manual Therapy, Exercise and Functional Activities

We look forward to meeting therapists in August 2020 for Gait Training: An Evidence Based Course Combining Manual Therapy, Exercise and Functional Activities.

This intermediate level two-day course provides an orthopedic perspective in the evaluation and treatment of the neurologically involved lower extremity. The evidence-based techniques presented in this class have been demonstrated to improve functional movement and gait. Treatment techniques that encompass functional activities, tissue mobilizations and blood flow resistance training are just some of the topics included with this comprehensive approach.

The concepts and principles demonstrated in this course enhance both the clinician’s knowledge base and hands-on skills. Clinicians will learn to identify impairments in alignment and prioritize the treatment approach to maximize each session for improved functional outcomes. Extensive lab time enables the clinician to learn how to analyze movement patterns specifically with gait, determine musculoskeletal dysfunctions (including muscle imbalances) and develop a working therapy diagnosis with appropriate therapeutic intervention.

Course instruction is enhanced by the extensive group interaction and hands-on practice of the evaluation procedures (with case studies). The treatment approaches that provide soft tissue mobilization, flexibility activities, strengthening exercises, functional activities, and proprioceptive activities are designed to improve gait and mobility in a timely manner.

Break out sessions will include video analysis of actual patients to allow the clinician to systematically diagnosis patient dysfunction and develop a progressive functional treatment plan. The techniques learned can be applied to a multitude of pathologies in both the neurologic and orthopedic realm (including, but not exclusive to CVA, SCI, TBI, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, CP, deconditioning, hip pathologies, arthritis). This course assists the clinician in becoming more efficient with making the correct therapy diagnosis, documenting, analyzing, communicating and progressing the patient to a more functional level while optimizing reimbursement.

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